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Vancouver Coastal Health - Internal Job Vacancy Postings

Welcome to the Vancouver Coastal Health
Internal Job Vacancy Postings for Union & Excluded Staff

This site is for current VCH employees only. For postings advertised externally, please visit VCH Careers at



Applying to an internal job posting?

Recruitment handles thousands of applications each year, and to maintain service levels to managers and staff and fill vacancies as quickly as possible, a complete application is very important. We make a qualifying decision based on the information that you provide to us. Recruitment only forwards complete applications for internal postings to managers.
A complete application must always include the full six digit posting # and the 3 letter extension (e.g. 091234-jbr). You should also include the six digit posting # and the 3 letter extension in the subject line of your email if you are applying via email.
Recruitment will not follow-up with an applicant if the application is incomplete.
Please only submit your application in the following formats: WORD (.docx, .doc) or PDF. We are not able to accept applications, resumes, cover letters in any other format for example Pages, ZIP files or Google Docs.

Internal Postings Tips & Tricks

Searching for Jobs

You do not need to use criteria in all Search categories to do a search.

Finding the Application Form Online
  1. Click on How to Apply from the menu at the left.
  2. Select Electronic Application Form or Print Application Form.
  3. If you selected Print Application Form, print a copy of the blank form from your home or office computer. Forms cannot be printed from a kiosk.
  4. If you selected Electronic Application Form, save the form to your home or office computer. You cannot save this form from a kiosk.
    • Click File at the top of the screen, and select Save As from the drop down menu.
    • Save the blank electronic application form wherever you wish on your home or office computer
    • Exit the Web by closing Internet Explorer completely.
    • Open up your saved blank form in Microsoft Word and work only from the blank form you saved to your computer.
Completing the Application Form
  1. If you have printed the application form to complete by hand, please print clearly and complete all required sections.
  2. If you are using the Electronic Application Form, open the blank file you saved on your home or office computer.Do not fill out the form directly on the Web site.
  3. Type information into the boxes – be sure to complete all required sections.
  4. When completed:
    • Click on File at the top left of the screen.
    • Click on Save As from the drop down menu.
    • On the new screen you see, type in a unique name for your competed form in the File Name box. (e.g. My Name Posting AS44-34390.)
    • TIP: Save your form each time you use it by giving the file a different name each time.
Submitting the Application Form

Need more information about submitting your application? Click here.

Phone: 604.675.2500 or 1.800.565.1727